A Viral YouTube channel Eric decker or as you might know him Airrack has gone from zero subscribers to one million in one year at a time when youtube has never been more competitive that’s a pretty amazing achievement his crazy challenge videos have got everybody talking just listen to what Mr beast had to say,” I think you’re gonna be a big YouTuber it’s obvious you understand the game and you’re driven and dedicated so like there’s no doubt in my mind within a few years you’ll have 10 million subscribers like just growth is exponential but how is he growing so fast last”

Airrack Youtube Videos
Eric Decker aka Airrack

In January Eric gained 300 subscribers the month after 90 000. what changed here well in this video we’ll investigate and get to the bottom of his strategy and if you’re like me and are obsessed with growing your own channel you’re going to be blown away by some of the moves Airrack YouTube Videos has made I know i say it a lot but this guy is a youtube genius i’ve analysed some of the biggest YouTubers in the world but the way Airrack YouTube has grown is different these two guys here present a typical case study for a highly successful youtube channel both Mr beast and ksi worked on their content for years before they ever hit 1 million subscribers an average youtube growth curve looks something like this you start slow and then over time your content gets better and you pick up real momentum

How did Airrack manage to skip this step this time last year he was a college dropout with no experience growing a YouTube channel by every measure he was starting from zero but he had a plan you see no matter how competitive YouTube gets the algorithm is built to help new creators get discovered the issue is most people just don’t know how to get picked up by the algorithm in the first place and that is what Airrack YouTube Videos has done so well getting initial attention and getting into people’s recommended feeds after a month of research and watching every single one of his videos here are the three steps behind his rapid growth on youtube.

If 2021 is the year you want your channel to explode pay close attention later in this Article we are going to talk about some of the less innocent ways Eric has grown his channel but the first thing you need to succeed on YouTube is a good product aka your content.

Steps Which Helps Airrack Go Viral

Number one from the start Eric has been making algorithm optimised videos as I said earlier youtube wants new creators to be discovered but they’re obviously not going to manually watch every single upload so their algorithm tells them whether a video is good or not one of the main ways they do this is through average view duration and retention this is where so many small channels fail if you can’t keep people on your videos youtube simply isn’t going to promote them but big channels know how to make optimised videos they use retention strategies that capture you from the very start and keep you watching what’s really interesting about Airrack is it’s almost like he’s got some sort of inside information before starting his content is carefully planned and edited to beat the algorithm.

Airrack Eric delivering through Helicopter

You should Watch his videos to see his retention strategy in action I want you to pay close attention to the opening 20 seconds because a few things happen that are so important to the overall video. I want to try and deliver uber eats by Air we’ve trained for this so how many flights have you done a couple this is what is known as a cold open intro which is essentially where you jump straight into the action before anything else Eric’s goal here is simple he wants to convince the viewer to stick around he does this by delivering a one-line explanation and then proceeds to show the viewer some of the best highlights to hook them in he also really cleverly includes clips that leave unanswered questions was the helicopter crashing what was this guy’s reaction within 20 seconds the viewer knows.

What he’s trying to do they know that the video isn’t clickbait and they also have multiple storylines they want answered with intros a lot of the time it’s better to show instead of tell you can always fill in more of the details later on which is what Eric does next in my experience Uber eats delivery dude it sucks so bad so I thought to myself what if we were to make that process actually good yeah like when Uber says that uh you’re gonna get your meal in 15 minutes and it comes in like 25 what if we could deliver the food in like one minute now how are we gonna do that well here’s the plan i want to try and deliver uber eats by air this section is called the setup the real key to high retention on youtube is getting the balance right between context and action so the viewer knows exactly what’s happening while also being entertained.

So within the first two minutes Eric has grabbed the viewer’s attention he makes sure to keep it through effective YouTube storytelling all of his videos contain multiple conflict and resolutions something comes up that could put the whole plan into jeopardy and he needs to fix it, this keeps the viewer engaged as they wait to see the outcome leading to what are known as continuous hold segments in a retention chart here the viewer can’t click off because they need to see the outcome also notice how each of Eric’s videos has a clear payoff a reward for watching to the end in this case seeing if they were actually able to deliver the food this is placed at the very end and is deliberately short.

Airrack with Mr Beast

Once you give the viewer what they want they leave so it makes sense for the conclusion of the video to be very quick. Before this would be a first now combining all these tactics together Eric has retention that can compete with some of the biggest channels on youtube which tells the algorithm that this video is worth recommending but what’s the point in having good retention if you have no people actually finding the video in the first place which brings us on to step number two Eric is stealing audiences most people when starting youtube have three or four channels that inspire their videos in Eric’s case it’s mainly Logan Paul, David Dobrik and Mr beast.

A good way to find your content format is by trying to blend your favourite channels into one for example Airrack YouTube videos often have a mr beast feel in terms of the idea but he combines this with Logan’s storytelling and David’s fast-paced humour in doing so Eric identified his target audience he realised that someone who watched each of these three YouTubers might also be interested in him but he needed a way to put his content in front of their face and he did this through a method he calls social hacking.

Social hacking is essentially another form of trend jacking which we’ve discussed before. The idea is simple you find a way to make videos about or with larger creators you’re essentially leveraging another fan base Airrack ruthlessly pumped out video after video where the YouTuber in question was the main theme each time he did this he was capturing new audiences for example logan paul fans would come over to this video for logan paul but then a percentage would actually stay and subscribe because the content was so good this is what i mean by stealing audiences even though the word borrowing is probably more fitting.

The key thing is Eric wasn’t just using people’s name for clickbait he was delivering unique video ideas just listen to him describe this on the colin and samir podcast and what i always tell people is if you’re going to try to do a collaboration you have to create a situation where they win bigger than you do I mean this guy was turning up at David Dobrik set dressed as his lookalike buying Logan Paul’s couches and literally finding mr beast’s island now obviously not everyone has the ability to do this but it is a good example of how effective social hacking is after these videos Eric had attracted a large viewership to his channel this would serve as a foundation for his future content however there’s still one crucial step missing building long lasting relationships with your audience make sure to stick around for this one because there’s something Eric has done that no other channel in history has.

You see going viral might seem like the hard part but converting that momentum into subscribers that keep coming back is how you really grow how do you do this make them part of the journey Airrack heavily involves his audience in the video making process whether it’s coming up with ideas deciding on what he does next or even being part of the video themselves this makes his channel feel more like a community than an individual and the best way to build a community is by giving them a shared goal in Eric’s case this is simple proving that it’s still possible to grow on youtube by hitting 1 million subscribers in one year new people to his channel were sucked into this mission he even became the first YouTuber in history to use affiliate marketing to gain subscribers his save Airrack campaign was actually genius Eric used a website that let his audience share subscriber links that would track how many people they referred offering some pretty cool prizes this resulted in almost 250000 new subscribers in december alone one thing was clear Eric was going to hit that one million mark no matter what i think this is a great example of why it’s not all about making moral content sure that’s what gets you your first growth but people stay for the story speaking of setting a goal.



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