1. Ninja first game was ‘Halo 3’

According to sources, Gaming YouTuber Ninja initially started with a classic game that most professional FPS gamers have probably dipped into, “Halo 3”. according to his friends that were the start of his career as a professional gamer in 2009.

2. He Donates Most Of His Income To Charity

He earns most of his money through streaming, a major chunk of his earnings is donated to different charity organizations and his Guardian Con charity. Guardian Con is known for raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It is one of the biggest charity trust which supported by the online gaming and streaming community. During the time of Guardian Con charity fundraiser, an anonymous streamer donated $100,000 to his charity—a big amount that is not that strange. He believes in charity and contributed thousands of dollars to the $2.7 million.

3. Ninja hates Tfue?

An article by online magazine Looper shows the long rage between these two gamers. According to rumous, Tfue even challenged him for an MMA fight. Despite the fact that there’s really no report as to what happened then, it can be seen that Tfue and Ninja hates each others.

4. He’s Married To Twitch Streamer Jessica Goch

In recent days, He and Jessica went to the Time 100 Gala where they met celebrities like Dwayne Johnson, Emilia Clarke, and Jimmy Fallon. Ninja’s life got changed after meeting Jessica Goch he completely chamnged him as a person, and now that they also got married. Jessica Goch is very popular in the gaming community. She started her gaming career at very young age of five years old. As a Twitch streamer, she has more 500,000 followers and managed to get more than 3 million views on the channel. You can now watch Jessica Blevins on Twitch to see her cooking show and fun games.

5. Ninja sings his song?

He has a Viral YouTube video where he sings his own rap songs which was labelled by some people as “cringey” but still, a lot of his fans thought he was Funny. Being one of the most popular streamers, doing wacky things doesn’t really get hidden from his fans.

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