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Casey Neistat 
Film Maker

Casey Neistat is a NewYork based Filmmaker and YouTuber who also known as “Steve Jobs” of the YouTube community when it comes to making creative Videos. In recent times, He also Invested in the tech company “Nothing” who founder by One plus co-founder Carl Pei

Looking to his Journey Casey Neistat’s first International exposure was back in 2003 for a three-minute film named iPod’s Dirty Secret, He criticized Apple for not having a battery replacement program for their iPod. The film received USA media attention and brought attention to the company’s policy on iPod battery replacements. Ipod’s Dirty Secret was released to the Internet on September 20, 2003, and quickly got viral and got Media attention. The film was also praised by The Washington Post.

Reacting to that viral Video Apple suddenly announced a battery replacement policy at starting of November 2003, and also announced an extended iPod warranty program at the end of November.

Apple spokeswoman Natalie Sequeira dismissed any connection between the viral video and Apple’s new policy, stating that we were working to improve our policies for months before the film was released. He’s also moved into Internet Business, launching his first product called Beme that aims to make video sharing more real.

Casey Neistat’s “Beme” is growing right now because of its transparent work culture. Whenever he accepts any kind of budget from a corporate sponsor, he tells his audience. He only works with brands that give him full freedom to showcase his creativity without interference.

When Mercedes-Benz wanted Casey Neistat to create a video advertising its latest car, Casey Neistat turned the assignment into a popular four-part series making fun of the process of creating a car ad. He says the project “probably sold some cars,” which meant that both he and Mercedes-Benz won. “The fact that my audience didn’t totally rebel and defect and hate me because of it means that there was enough of a level of integrity and authenticity that is pervasive throughout my personal work that was joined forces with the brand to accomplish their goals and still maintain my voice.”

Casey Neistat on Future of YouTube and Filmmaking

Speaking recently at Adobe Max, Casey Neistat shared tips and tricks for digital storytelling, shooting, editing, and more, all informed by his multi-decade journey as a content creator and filmmaker.

I only edit my YouTube videos on a computer using Adobe Premiere Pro. Sometimes, when I’m messing around editing a surf montage or something fun for Twitter, I will use my phone but I prefer a keyboard and mouse for heavy lifting. I only edit chronologically—start with the first frame of the video and don’t stop or review until I’ve made it to the end. Then, I backtrack and can rearrange and all that. I find editing scenes first to be confusing. I love discovering the story by forcing it to reveal itself this way.

Technically, I’m pretty boring. I almost only use straight cuts, I seldom color correct, and it’s even rarer for me to put any digital effects into my work. I find the rawness of the edit lends itself to my style of storytelling. Rather than cover up any scars or evidence that this video was made by one person, I embrace those flaws—often embellish them. Leaning into the imperfections is a way for me to say to my audience that I am not a pro, I am just a regular guy trying to tell a story.

When looking towards the future, Casey Neistat sees a new age of content creators and filmmakers who are learning to produce with all the tools they need at their fingertips. Using Casey Neistat as an example of perhaps the last generation to learn how to create content just prior to the social networking explosion, the rise of affordable, yet professional, digital camera technology, Casey Neistat sees an ever greater generation developing using new platforms like TikTok.

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