I saw David Dobrik’s first vlog in which he introduces himself and then he has completely taken over the world of youtube vlogging in the space of a few short years he has gone from a kid with a few hundred dollars to his name to living in open LA and then collabing with some of the biggest celebrities on the planet.

Just casually buying his friends Lamborghinis what who’s that on the surface he may just seem like a guy who got his lucky break however in this article we’re going to dig a little deeper and find out exactly how David Dobrik managed to take over an entire genre and grow his channel to a staggering 18.3 million subscribers.

If you’ve always dreamed of starting and growing your own channel stay tuned for a YouTube masterclass from David Dobrik.

Impressive Stats of David Dobrik

David Dobrik 
best Youtube vlogger 2022
David Dobrik gifted his friend brand new Lamborghini

Right Now, David Dobrik is growing by 600,000 subscribers every month, and his vlogs are averaging around 10 million views per video even though Casey nice that and Logan Paul never got average ideas as high as that on their vlogs. However, most of his videos get too monetized.

He still works with some of the biggest brands in the world and has a very popular merch line giving him an estimated net worth of seven million dollars.

Another really interesting thing about David is he goes against many of the principles that YouTubers live. His videos are all minutes and 20 seconds long, which by any means is quite short when you compare to other vloggers.

He also uses copyrighted songs and swears a lot in his videos without censorship, so they can’t be monetized yet. Despite all this, his channel is still growing exponentially on the platform, which set David apart as a vlogger and YouTuber.

In this article, I’ve done my research and came up with four factors behind his meteoric rise so let’s get straight into factor number one. So the first factor I want to talk about is how David migrated his audience.

This brings us back to David’s early beginnings as a creator, and I’m sure most of you know it didn’t start on YouTube. He began creating content on the now shutdown platform that we all remember vine in 2013. 

He started posting comedy sketches, and within a year, he had his first 100,000 followers. Everyone who started using vine in the early days was blowing up, and David Dobrik saw this as an opportunity to make a name for himself.

Vine helped him build an audience for himself of over 1 million followers, but it also taught him about things like brandy –is content algorithms and the power of collaborations; however, David Dobrik was one of the first fighters to realize that if he wanted to create a long-lasting career for himself, he needed to jump ship.

YouTubers are much more established and stable place for creators and also had a lot more money-making potential after previously trying his hand with a collaboration YouTube channel with other Viners David went out on his own and started his current channel in 2015 the vine stopped in 2017.

While other minors scrambled to build an audience as to where David Dobrik already had over 2 million YouTube subscribers the key thing was though that David was able to migrate his audience and translate his skills over to YouTube he essentially used the platform that at the time was very easy to grow on and then moved this audience onto YouTube.

David Dobrik with Justin Bieber

Starting a vlogging channel is always going to be hard. It’s arguably the most competitive content style, but having this following and clout on another platform that can be carried over is a significant head start on everyone else starting at zero.

David wasn’t the only whiner to do this, but he was one of the first and best prepared for the switch. You see, although vine may be dead, I think we could experience a bit of deja vu with the current fastest growing social network in the world, TikTok.

Right now, the TikTok algorithm is crazy, and it’s promoting people with no following to thousands if not millions of people.

As these new TikTok stars grow in following and reputation, I predict many will do the same as David and try to migrate their audience over to youtube if you want to grow your online personality with the end goal of becoming a YouTuber.

This is an opportunity not to be missed David’s roots in vine also leads into our the second factor is how he has evolved the vlog. I remember seeing one of David’s videos. I the first time; this isn’t a blog.

It’s just an elaborate vine compilation,’ and then I realized that was the point. Just because the vine platform died didn’t mean people’s demand for short funny sketches also died. 

While they hired camera crews and made 25-minute videos, David Dobrik decided to adapt what he was already doing. David mixes scripted sketches with organic content, so you’re getting the best of the vine and the best of traditional vlogging, hilarious entertainment value, and more depth a storyline and some intimate moments.

As mentioned earlier, the length is short, 4 minutes and 20 seconds to be exact. His videos never outstay their welcome. 

David keeps his audience engaged throughout, and it just leaves you wanting more. The cuts are often similar in length to vine every 7 seconds, so the pace is relentless. What I form content; I feel, particularly with vlogging. Many that eaters drive their videos too much to increase their watch time.

The title of the video could be I need to tell you something but there’s 15 minutes of them going about their day before you actually find out what that thing is David Dobrik packs a punch with his content there’s absolutely no filler while I still think for the majority of new YouTubers focusing on trying to make longer videos is important.

David is a great example that making your content impactful and gripping is much better than trying to elongates just for the sake of it his use of camera angles is also really interesting he films 80% of the time in point of view so it feels like you’re really there and part of his friend group while watching.

I’ve also noticed that he often films his friends from the side instead of indirectly facing the camera I feel this again brings you closer to the action you don’t feel like you’re just being acted – you feel like you’re there in the room it makes for much more authentic viewing have a look at this clip to see what I mean it says that like it’ll hold up in a court of law your honor.

David Dobrik at Jimmy Fallon show

I think as we move into 2020, we will see more and more vloggers favoring this punchy fast-paced style. Even with someone like Mr. beast, where the videos are typically much longer, the pace and frequency of jump cuts are very similar to David Dobrik.

Factor 3 is all about the vlog squad and how David Dobrik uses his friends to add extra dimensions to his videos. David’s vlogs have been described as like a youtube sitcom, and in many ways, this is a brilliant description. We all know the vlog squad, a collection of other famous, unlike personalities who regularly feature in David’s videos.

While David is the guy with the camera, none of his crazy stunts and hilarious moments would be possible without this wide cast of characters adding to the entertainment in a more strategic sense.

Having multiple characters in each video makes the vlog much more layered and varied; keeping people interested takes some of the focus away from David himself. He’s an interesting and charismatic guy.

But having various storylines all happening simultaneously multiplies the interest. You’re not just tuning in for David Dobrik. You want to see how Jason and Corinna are doing too. He has created a family of characters for his videos, each with their fans; this approach reminds me of the proverb: go alone if you want to go fast. If you’re going to go further, go together.

We’ve seen vloggers in the past burn out after running out of things to include in the blog. 

I suppose there’s only so much of your life you can show; however, when you have over 20 people’s lives involved, this is never a problem. Also, I have to give a special mention to David’s very own laughter track. Yes, not everyone has a crew of famous former whiners and celebrities to appear in their videos.

Still, I feel David is a great example of the power of collaboration on a smaller scale of seen vloggers involved family members and friends more and more in their videos over the years. It’s a tactic to help keep people engaged.

The fourth and final factor David outsmarts the YouTube algorithm this is going to be a much quicker point as I discussed a lot of this in my article on Mr. beast, but it has been so important to David’s growth on YouTube as we’ve mentioned David Dobrik doesn’t exactly follow the YouTube rulebook.

I think if the guys over at YouTube HQ designed the perfect YouTuber, they’d make videos over 10 minutes long never swear and only make family-friendly content. David still gets pushed to more and more people every day through the YouTube algorithm.

His thumbnails and titles are so clickable, which gives him a really good click-through rate,, and despite the fact, his videos are short,, his audience sticks around for the whole video due to how in the air giving him a really strong watch time. 

As discussed in my Mr. beast Article click-through rate and watch time are the two most important things that YouTube looks at when deciding whether to promote you to more people, so even though David Dobrikgoes against a lot of what YouTube’s like, his videos are just so infectious that they still get picked up and pushed by the algorithm I think for this reason David Dobrik is a perfect example that content should always come first on YouTube. 

From his beginnings on the vine to now being one of the biggest craters on the YouTube platform David Dobrik has stuck to his guns when it comes to creating and never tried to follow the crowd. If his current growth is anything to go by, we’re going to see a lot more of him and the vlog squad in 2021.

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