Many of us wanted to travel the world, explore new culture make friends from Different countries, Today we are sharing an inspirational story of a Young man whose name is Drew Binsky who traveled to more than 194 countries and very close to achieving his dream to visit every single country on this planet.

Drew Binsky 
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Drew Binsky in Afghanistan

Drew Binsky was born to a Jewish family in Dallas, Texas but Drew Binsky grew up in the hot desert of Phoenix Arizona.

He has always been a huge sports fan and Athlete playing Baseball and competitive Hockey as a kid and now he is a six handicap golfer. Growing up he traveled a lot in the United States for hockey tournaments and family trips, He had been to 20 states before turning 15 but never got a chance to travel overseas.

Drew Binsky got interested in traveling after his parents gift him a globe for the 10th birthday he uses to spin the globe every night before sleep and memorize every country and capital. When Drew got in college he got out of Arizona and moved 1,700 miles across the country to attend the university of Wisconsin-madison.

During his junior college he studies abroad in Prague, it was his first time abroad he got shocked and his eyes opened up to new culture he visited about 20 countries in Europe that semester and it was at that point he realizes that he wanted to make a career out of traveling after Prague he went back to Wisconsin to finish his last year of college.

He graduated with a double major in economics and entrepreneurship in May 2013 instead of applying for a corporate job like society was telling him, He wanted to follow his heart and heard about teaching English in Korea and the very next day he sent his application, as a fresh college graduate he moved to a village near Seoul to become an English teacher for 18 months, it was his first in Asia and his first time standing in front of a classroom.

But he instantly fell in love with Korean culture, food, and lifestyle, He also started a travel blog called the hunger partier and committed himself to grow a global audience he worked hard every second whenever he gets free time writing networking, and building up his social media channel.

While living in Korea he visited 22 Asian countries got a black belt in Taekwondo and nearly became fluent in Korean, He left Seoul in March 2015 and was making enough money from his blog to cover about half of his travel expenses. He went on a solo backpacking trip across India for 3 months covering 2,200 miles it was both challenging and Enriching and he learned more about himself in those three months. His office turned into coffee shops and he slowly gets sponsor deals from travel brands and company and this came, as a result, a result of very hard work.

After India he kept traveling and snap chatting his way around the world in 2016 he visited 39 countries across Europe, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, and South America in July 2016 he launched his new travel blog called Drew Binsky, calm and focus on growing his personal brand as Drew Binsky because the name hungry partner was a bad reflection of a person who he truly was, In January 2017 he moved to Hanoi with his girlfriend and transitioned as a content creator when she bought him his first canon video camera.

He started focusing on making short videos from his travel and posting them on Facebook, he plans to continue traveling and making videos because he really enjoyed it, he loves meeting new people eating new foods, and learning about a new culture. He was hoping to visit every country before turning 30 but unfortunately, because of pandemics he only manages to travel to 194 countries, he recently turned 30 and also proposed to his long girlfriend Deanna.

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