Hello, Readers. Welcome once again. I don’t think any other youtube channel does viral videos quite like dude perfect they’ve gone from a few friends in college doing trick shots in their backyard to one of the biggest channels in the world right now.

They average an insane 48 million views per video even after a decade of making content every single upload hits trending. The real question is how they are doing that 99 YouTubers don’t understand how some people might call it luck, but they are way more intelligent than that.

dude perfect

Dude perfect has used a genius strategy to grow their channel. Each of their videos follows a formula to guarantee viral success. In this video, we will get to the bottom of it, so if you want to grow your channel get out your notebook and get ready for a dude perfect youtube masterclass.

Dude, the perfect story on youtube has a pretty impressive start. When they first uploaded the video in 2009, they didn’t know what to expect. They were all students in texas am and one day decided to film their basketball trick shots for the world to see. Three days later, it had picked up momentum and hit 100 000 views, not bad for your first ever video. The thing is, this wasn’t just a once-off. These five friends had stumbled across something that would make each of them millionaires.

Since that first video, pretty much ever do ideally have been in a league of their own when it comes to views. Just listen to this stat. They have 21 videos with over 100 million views or more if you compare this to the likes of pewdiepie and mr beast, it’s pretty insane how good dude perfect are going big. Their most viewed video ever has a whopping 347 million views.

If we gave this an estimated CPM of two dollars, that’s seven hundred thousand dollars in ad revenue. Imagine telling these college kids that in the future, they could make that much with one video. Now we can’t all do these numbers, but we sure as hell can learn from the secrets that make it all possible.

I’ve researched do perfect’s channel for almost a month now and have broken down the one main factor behind their vital success. Let’s figure this out so when dude perfect first launched their channel; I said they didn’t know what to expect.

But after reading a bit more about these guys, maybe they did. Now youtube was still in its infancy stage in 2009, but the world had already got a taste for viral videos.

No 1 factor for Dude perfect success

Factor number one dude perfect for building their channel around a high growth niche, something that no one else at the time did. Specific forms of content always seem to go viral; whether it be funny cat videos, new dance moves, or epic fails, the concept of trick shooting can be placed in that category too; one of the most viewed videos on youtube in 2005 was Ronaldinho’s crossbar challenge.

The year dude perfect uploaded their first video, a compilation of NFL trick shots was sweeping the internet. This was dude perfect’s proof of concept. They saw an opportunity to jump on this trend and provide something even better trick shotting videos have high view velocity. What I mean by this is when they pop off, they gain views exceptionally quickly compared to regular videos, which grow over a more extended period.

So what makes a viral video, and how did a perfect dude use this to their advantage? Well, it boils down to three main ingredients.

Let’s take this video here as an example. The first ingredient that nearly all trending videos share is they evoke emotion. This could be awe, anger, entertainment, and even disbelief. All of dude perfect’s videos generate positive feelings from the viewer. In my case, it’s mainly in doubt at how these shots are even possible. This makes viewers much more likely to click, engage and share. Speaking of this, it needs to be highly shareable content.

Dude perfect’s videos have always had a universal appeal. You could show them to your mother or your little brother, and both would enjoy them. Just look at the number of shares on social media this video got when you think about it, youtube’s recommended system is sharing too if you can create good content; it does the work for you. The third ingredient is having super clickable metadata, aka titles and thumbnails.

I’ve written before about how ctr is so vital to beating youtube’s algorithm. It’s the percentage of people who click on a video when shown it, and it’s the spark that lights the fire for a viral video. Perfect titles are always short and easy to understand. This immediately grabs attention. Their thumbnails are perhaps where most of the magic happens.

They often show the trick shot just before it’s hit, so as a viewer, you want to click to see the result; there’s also that element of disbelief. Could this be real if you replace this video with pretty much any other dude perfect upload from the start until now? It still matches these traits right now. The top 10 most viewed trick shot videos on youtube are all from dude perfect.

The same strategy mr beast has used to find a viral video concept like giving away money and building your entire channel around it. While there might be more competition these days, new high growth niches are constantly opening up. The first people to jump on among us, for example, are doing pretty well right now, but this is still only half of the equation you could position yourself in the best niche and make the best thumbnails.

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