Alpha M aka Aaron Marino the YouTube king of style Aaron has grown a huge fanbase through providing essential men’s fashion life and health advice from showing you how to look like a boss in a tuxedo to learning how to manscape to dealing with depression Aaron has got you covered.

I think Alpha M embodies what I mean by the term YouTube entrepreneur he is someone who has used the YouTube platform to grow a large audience and they converted this following its various lucrative revenue streams he even acknowledged this on a podcast from last year.

Alpha M
Alpha M aka Aaron Marino

let’s take a look at some of Alpha M main revenue streams the first one everyone points through is of course ad revenue from monetizing video views over the last 30 days the Alpha M channel has gained 18 million views using an estimated average CPM of $2 this would equate to 36,000 US dollars in revenue in just one month.

however, Aaron’s biggest revenue stream directly from his videos is product sponsorships anyone that follows him knows that a good percentage of the videos he puts out are sponsored in some form this stream is a lot harder to measure as each sponsorship agreement is different.

But for a channel of Alpha M size a one-minute integrated product sponsorship could easily be bringing in between five and ten thousand US dollars for one video on top of this a lot of these sponsorships include Commission as well as the base payment furthering the revenue potential.

if Alpha M can drive a high number of sales it is very plausible that Aaron is carrying six figures per mo just from these sponsors this may seem like an overestimation but bear in mind alpha m is the biggest channel within a very product heavy niche.

Aaron mentions that he generated five hundred thousand US dollars in sales for a suited company in just 30 days.

I Know a Youtuber who did a video recently for a suited company in the Chino their custom suit company was through an agency and it was trackable they had a link and so with YouTube because they operate in that world it’s very easy to see if you’re converting because you know these companies will offer some type of incentive.

but in 30 days he sold half a million dollars worth of suits the last revenue stream I want to mention is the business ventures that come with having such a large following Erin co-founded Pete and Pedro premium hair products and of course the T shall skin care regimen both of these companies are comfortably clearing over 1 million in sales per year.

Aaron also has his clothing line sells video courses on style and hosts a yearly event called would you believe style :

it should be clear now why Alpha M is one youtube entrepreneur we really should be paying attention to let’s take a look at a few of the factors that have been detrimental to success and hopefully take away a few things you can apply to your own YouTube strategy.

The first thing I want to talk about is Aaron’s niche and market positioning within the YouTube creator environment if I was to ask you what niche the AlphavM channel is in you, ‘d probably say menus style right this was the case at the start of Aaron’s YouTube journey.

however, very interestingly he has managed to evolve into more of a men’s lifestyle channel this opens many more doors under the niche of men’s lifestyle Aaron can take advantage of the 3 evergreen markets health wealth, and romance.

There are three examples of videos he’s made within these areas trends may come and go but these markets always remain profitable and being able to create content around them greatly increases the revenue potential of the Alpha M business model.

Now we can still promote suits and belts but also promoting fitness products or a business book, for example, wouldn’t appear out of play so how can we pick a niche for our own YouTube business.

Now we can still promote suits and belts but also promoting fitness products or a business book, for example, wouldn’t appear out of play so how can we pick a niche for our own YouTube business.

Alpha M Three Main Factors to Need To Be Taken Into Consideration.

Number one your passion for and knowledge of the niche this one is pretty obvious to be able to speak with any level of credibility you need to know your stuff and if you’re not passionate about it you will fall flat on your face.

Number two the profitability of the niche if your goal on YouTube is to build a profit-making business you of course need to assess the revenue potential of the niche.

there is a huge variation low profitability niches may leave you only relying on ad revenue from use which is a dangerous position to be in ideally your chosen needs should be consumer product heavy for example technology in each or of course a men’s fashion niche and finally.

Number three the existing competition within the niche you need to know what you will be up against and have a unique selling point whether this be better content than your competitors or coming from a new angle YouTube is a very diluted place in 2018 so to stand out you need to provide something new okay so now that we’ve studied his market positioning.

The next thing I want to take a look at is how Aaron created his sales environment by this mean how has he managed to build up an audience that converts the sales so well growing an audience and growing a profitable audience are two very different things.

Often you see subscribers of certain channels ask the question why should we buy what you are selling or even just labeling a YouTuber as a sellout for doing a sponsored video this is very rarely the case with the Alpha M fanbase why is this well I’ll tell you right now this is because Aaron perfectly implements a very effective digital marketing technique called the jab jab jab right.

Some of you guys have more than likely already heard of this as it was popularized by the one-and-only Gary Vee in simple terms the jab refers to giving value and the right hook refers to asking for something in return in this order it is an amazing combo this technique has been used by almost all of the most successful YouTube entrepreneurs.

The basic concept behind it perfectly aligns with the content sharing nature of the platform the value is shared in video form and can be mainly placed into two groups entertainment value and learning value good YouTubers like Aaron combined both in their content.

Alpha M will show you how to style your hair but make you laugh at the same time providing honest free value grows a strong relationship with his audience his followers will have feelings of loyalty trust and gratitude towards him all of which are crucial to a high conversion rate when it comes to the sales pitch aka Aaron’s right hook.

so I think as aspiring YouTubers it is so important to adopt this value for value mentality every time you want something from your audience whether it be simply alike on a video or for them to check out a sponsored product ask yourself have I provided them enough value to warrant.

what I’m asking for in return if you don’t get a response to your plate maybe you should re-evaluate your content and see if there are ways you can maximize the value it brings remember just because you find something informative orange Hennig it doesn’t mean your target audience will okay so the final thing I want to talk about is the actual sales pitch everything else we have looked at so far has led up to this point now.

it’s time to sit back and analyze what Aaron does the best sellers we can break up Alpha M technique into three main parts the first one is the integration of the product and the transition a successful product sponsorship should be related in some form to the video it is featured in it sounds pretty obvious.

but if you were trying to set a hair product don’t try and sell it in a video where you are talking about different gene fits and as for the transition from the video content to the sales pitch try and keep it as smooth as possible look for the part of the video most relevant to the product.

if you suffer from dry skin then you probably don’t want to take super hot showers you can go warm because super hot showers do dry your skin out but I use T’s Henley and so my skin here Aaron is talking about the benefits of cold showers.

one of the benefits is improved skin and bang he has the chance to cloak his skincare products without coming across as too salesy the second part of the pitch is where Aaron tries to convince his audience why they should buy the product in question as we have already shown Aaron selling technique is extremely effective it can be described as need-oriented selling this means he typically focuses on what the product can do for his customers rather than its features.

Alpha M always uses humor in his pitches too often in the form of hyperbole this is endearing to potential buyers but it also makes sitting through a product sponsorship much more tolerable for members of his audience who are perhaps not interested in the product a quick look at his comment section would illustrate how popular his humor is.

I believe Alpha M aka Aaron Marino is the ultimate YouTube salesman.

Thanks very much for reading this article.

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