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A millennial girl Shay many of you know her as Humbled Trader, She is not only earning money in
stock market but also shares her techniques on her youtube channel known as Humbled Trader.
Shay knew as a Humbled trader born and bought up in Canada. Prior she was working with
corporate industries like labor-intensive film and VFX. She was good at her work and earning
a decent amount from her corporate job, but she was not satisfied with what she was doing.

As all know working incorporate is not easy and Shay also facing the consequences of the corporate world.
In 2014 Shay decided to quit her job and decided to give a shot to her dreams. But she was still
unaware of her passion and she had no idea what to do next. While in search of her passion she
came across Stock Market trading. Not only working in the stock market she can make big money but
also can have freedom of time unlike her corporate job and also she can be financially independent
and travel across the world. But she soon came back to reality as she started losing money in
the stock market.

Like any new stock market trader, she also had a picture of the stock market as an easy money-making industry,
you can easily earn money without doing much what you have to do is to follow those technical gurus and
buy low and sell high that’s it, but after losing $20000 in stock market trading her dreams scattered into
pieces and she started feeling giving up on stocks industries.

But fortunately, she didn’t and decided to learn how this industry work, she started finding a mentor
for her who can teach her how the stock market works. She started learning from her mentors about
Price action, the emotion of stock market, she also educated herself how to manage money and risk, and
prioritize risk over reward. After so many ups and downs, shay finally starts gaining and her green
days overtakes her redone.

Shay decided to share her knowledge on youtube so that people can learn from her mistakes and
can earn money from the stock market. She is millennial, beautiful, and Humble She joins youtube in
2018 and posted her first video in 2019, She has 731K subscribers and 28,275,376 on her youtube.
Humble Trader is a channel where she gives knowledge to her audience about penny stock, realistic day trading
strategies, how to trade in small-cap and large-cap.

You can check out her youtube channel Named Humbled Trader and also you can follow her on
other social networking sites. You can also check her website where you
can know more about her and her team and you can also join the humble global community.

Investing in the stock market is not rocket science but you should be aware while investing, with the
help of a good mentor you can learn stock market technics and can earn money from them. You can also
learn about stock market behavior and can analyze yourself with the help of books, courses, or
YouTube channels like Humbled Trader.

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