Mark Rober has quickly become one of my favourite YouTubers. Mark Rober’s content is both entertaining and educational, so when I procrastinate and watch his videos, I can at least say to myself that I’m learning something new.

Mark Rober
Mark Rober

However, what I find about him is his growth here on youtube. He averages a ridiculous 27 million views per video, and even when he’s not uploading, he still has a consistent stream of viewers coming in. I mean, in the last 30 days, he hasn’t uploaded a single video, but he has brought in 36 million views that’s in the region of a hundred thousand dollars in ad revenue.

How come one guy who uploads just 12 videos a year be growing so fast and dominating our recommended feeds.

Mark Rober knows something that we don’t about youtube; in this article, we will break down how Mark Rober beats the algorithm to reach new people every day. If you’re a minor creator who wants to grow your channel, get out your notebook and get ready for a mark rover youtube masterclass on this article.

I like to analyze the biggest and fastest-growing YouTubers and get to the bottom of how they have built their audiences now; if you were to ask mark himself about the secret to his success, he would probably give you a very humble answer.

How Mark Robert is Ruling YouTube Platform

Let’s be honest for a minute. Top YouTubers understand how the algorithm works. They know what sort of content to make and what tactics to bring in millions of views.

Do you think a guy who helped with the robot on mars makes wholesome content and hopes for the best we know you’re brighter than that Mark Rober? Through my research, I’ve broken down the three steps mark Rober uses with every video to give it the best chance of going viral.

I don’t even want to excite this up too much, but some of the things he is doing will make you realize just how much thought goes into every upload. The best part is that these are steps that anyone can learn to make better videos and get more views.

Let’s get straight into things, so now what I’m using the phrase beating the algorithm, but really when it comes to what Mark Rober is doing, it’s about giving the algorithm precisely what it wants youtube uses its algorithm to help surface videos that people will click on and watch because at the end of the day they want people to stay on their site.

Let’s take this video here as an example. When it was first uploaded, it was shown to a certain number of people. Let’s call this group of people the early audience. These are viewers who have recently watched mark’s videos before, and a high percentage will be subscribers.

If the video performs well in the data here, it’ll be shown to more of this group. The viral moment comes when youtube starts to display this video to a broader audience. It still performs well this tells youtube that the video appeals to many people, not only fans of Mark Rober, so they start to recommend it to more and more people they feel will enjoy the content. This is often called the algorithm.

Mark Rober
Mark Rober makes record setting Nurf gun

Picking up a video keeps being recommended until it eventually begins to plateau and decline. Now obviously, a YouTuber like a Mark Rober has a head start of having a significant subscriber base, but it’s pretty much the same idea no matter how small the channel is.

The critical question is how do youtube decide if a video is performing well what data do they look at and if you’ve read my articles before you already know what I’m going to say is the three most important metrics click-through rate watch time and audience retention when it comes to viral videos.

You can bet your ass that mark Rober is dominating these metrics. It varies a lot, but if you can get over 4 minutes of watch time with a 50 or above audience retention and a 10 to 20 ctr, you have a perfect chance of going viral.

What is Mark Rober doing to make sure that every video he makes smashes each of these metrics? Making videos on fascinating ideas and having a big budget helps, but many people try and copy this and never see a fraction of the results. Let’s first look at step one of how he structures his videos using retention tactics.

Has anyone ever noticed that when you click on a mark rover video, 10 minutes goes by in the blink of an eye? You might think it’s because Mark Rober makes fantastic videos that are true, but he also uses techniques that make it so hard for you to click off. There’s a science to making someone feel fully immersed in your video.

Let’s investigate the tactics Mark Rober is using to keep you watching. At the start of all mark’s videos, he gives you a hook context and setup. I like to look at this as the why and how a section of a video mark explains very quickly what the video about gives context to why he is doing it and then tells you how it’s going to go down. It means that the viewer has a clear understanding of what they’re going to experience with the video.

You need to realize the attention span of a youtube viewer is pretty low, no offence, so macro relieves no dull moments in his videos. For example, he could have spent ages showing everyone how he built the obstacle course, but he instead made a rapid build montage.

Many YouTubers would have just kept this part in but do people need to see it? We are here to see the squirrel version of total wipeout, not a carpentry lesson.

Finally, mark makes us wait for the result you need to carry people along for a reward at the end of the video, which is mark’s case is seeing whether the squirrels beat his course or not the magic is in pacing the video correctly, so the climax builds as you near the end keeping people watching from the first second until the conclusion.

Smart rick was the first one to enter the course, so in the end, after about a week of effort, it was fitting he was the one to make it to the jackpot first.

He’s so stoked he wants to run the whole course in reverse in hindsight, we probably should have made the bank a little quieter, so when mark combines these retention tactics with a good video idea and storytelling, the viewer has no choice but to stick around and watch the video the result is retention graphs and let me tell you youtube loves nothing more than a straight retention curve.

So that’s how mark makes people stay on his videos to give him excellent watch time and retention. Still, he needs people to click on the first, which brings us on to step number two.

Mark uses killer metadata on youtube is essentially everything you use to describe your video. The main four types were titles, thumbnails tags and descriptions. Now a few years ago, your description and tags were fundamental.

Mark uses killer metadata on youtube is essentially everything you use to describe your video. The main four types were titles, thumbnails tags and descriptions. Now a few years ago, your description and tags were fundamental.

But in 2020, they’re pretty irrelevant. Using my youtube tool, I can see that neither mark Rober nor Mr beast used any tags in the last upload.

They both keep their descriptions pretty short I think this is a good sign not to pay too much attention to them anymore with one exception try to use your first line in your video description as a teaser to your video because this is displayed in search so as for mark’s titles there are a few things worth noting.

First of all, they are often under 50 characters, which means that none of it is cut off when viewed on mobile in your recommended feed. This also leads to his titles being super pragmatic. They’re hilariously casual, yep, just testing if sharks can smell a drop of blood. Nothing much being straight to the point gets rewarded on youtube.

If you confuse someone with your title, they’re not going to click, but it’s mark’s thumbnails that make him stand out. From looking at them, you might think they look a little amateurish, but this is the point I talked about this in my first Mr beast video people love youtube for the homemade feel of it.

It’s why we watch our favourite creators instead of polished tv thumbnails with great graphic design that might look more aesthetic.

Whenever mark does use text, it’s kept to four or fewer words, and the essential part of the thumbnail is always the demonstration of what is happening. Sometimes it’s wholly staged, such as this shark one, but he finds the balance between clickbait and then actually delivering on his promise thumbnails can make or break a youtube video.

Mark Rober dominates the most crucial youtube metrics. It all seems pretty straightforward, right, but the beauty is in executing it to perfection. Don’t go anywhere just yet, though, because there is one more step he is taking that I think is so important to keep in mind he gives his videos breathing room, marks uploads just once per month or even less.

If Mark Rober uploaded weekly videos, I’m sure they would be good, but if he takes all that effort and puts it into one video a month, it will be an insane video from an algorithm perspective. Creating banger video after banger video means each upload continues to ride the wave of success of the previous video. Keeping his momentum alive now, uploading less might seem like pretty terrible advice.  Of course, it varies from channel to channel, but the truth is right now, you might have a quality problem and not a quantity problem. I enjoyed writing this article on the mark, and I hope you learned as much from him as I did.



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