How Mr. Beast started his YouTube channel

Mr. Beast From North Carolina Decided to drop out of college to start his career on Youtube. Jimmy, then 18, had been posting to the site since he was 12 without expecting much from it. But Mr. Beast was convinced that he was close to unlocking the YouTube Secret Code, Mr. Beast started spending days and nights learning how the YouTube algorithm works and what type of videos get recommended to viewers.

In the months that followed, Mr. beast has supportive friends who helped him tried to crack the code. They managed phone calls every day to analyze which videos are viral. They gave YouTube-related homework to each other, and they use to Scan all successful channels for the data about their most successful Videos. “I woke up at 4, I studied YouTube algorithm, I studied videos, I studied about filmmaking, I went to bed at 12 and that was my life,” Mr. Beast during his recent interview.

Then, one day, he came with an idea for a video that he was sure would 100% work. It was as simple as counting. Jimmy sat down in a chair and made his first Viral video he murmured one number after the next, starting from zero and continuing all the way to 100,000 for the next 40-plus hours, At the end of the exhausting video, he looked at the camera very poorly. “What am I doing with my life?” he said.

Mr. beast 
Youtube's secret code
jimmy donaldson
Mr. Beast in his first Viral video

The video rise to one of the unlikeliest success stories on YouTube. Over the past four years, Donaldson‘s channel, MrBeast, has amassed more than 50 million subscribers. In the last 28 days, people have spent more than 31 million hours watching his videos. On Dec. 12, MrBeast was labeled as a Creator of the Year at the Streamy Awards, YouTube’s Oscars.

The consistent success of Jimmy’s videos grabs the eyes of many big YouTubers. Last year, every video he posted got from 20 to 30 Million views on each video. this level of consistency is impossible, even for YouTube’s biggest stars of all time. The famous filmmaker and a YouTuber Casey Neistat said “He lives on a different planet than the rest of the YouTube world,”

Duchscher, who has also worked with the YouTube standout Dude Perfect, is pushing Mr. Beast to invest money other than YouTube. On Dec. Donaldson announced a new business called “Beast Burger.” He is partnering with more than 400 restaurants and cloud kitchens across America that will make burgers.

“I can’t envision a world where I’m not making YouTube videos,” he said. “In a perfect world, I live and breathe this, working 12- to 15-hour days until I die.”

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