Who is Niko Omilana?

Niko is a Famous YouTube personality from London, UK. He makes Prank videos and Viral videos from Which he manages to get more than 10 million followers on Social media. Niko who is 23 years old now, created his first YouTube video at the age of 18. Niko is also the founder of the Niko Defence League. Before coming into Limelight on YouTube, Niko Used to work for Buzzfeed.

Why He is Decided Running for London Mayoral Election.

Announcing his new Journey as a Politician Niko wrote on Twitter: “I’m Niko Omilana, founding father and supreme leader of the Niko Defence League and I am running for Mayor of London. 

Niko Interview on BBC London

In his Recent Interview with BBC London Niko said,” I am a very serious political candidate, I have raised Some serious Issues in Our Society and I think I can change this city better than Other candidates”.

He created his whole Mayoral election Journey into content for his YouTube channel, He Turned the London bus into a 5-star restaurant and gave free service to all passengers, that video got Viral and got more than 3 million views. In His Next viral Video, he sent his Lookalike on National news, where some journalists didn’t even recognize him that video got more than 3.8 million views, one of the Uk’s biggest YouTube KSI also supported him on social media.

After Making it to 5th Position Niko thanks all his fans and friends who supported him. He managed to get 49,638 votes, which makes him the highest independent candidate, beating other popular independents like Piers Corbyn, and Count Boniface. Niko also lost his deposit, securing just 2% of the vote, But still, it was an impressive Number for the YouTuber.

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