After watching Movies like “Into the Wild” and “Vacation” we all wanted to travel the world and create unlimited memories. But this Indian boy Shubham Kumar aka Nomad Shubham Who travelled more than 40+ countries(still counting) from past 3 years and living a life we all wanted to experience. Most of the countries he travelled through hitchhiking, He revealed that, he manages to travel more than 50,000 km by hitchhiked. Isn’t is fascinating?

Life of Nomad Shubham?

When Shubham was 14 years old, he was fond of travel. He was interested in Geography since childhood. So he had Remember maps of many countries. After he passed his 12th, he had filled many forms of top engineering college for which he had given centres of these exams to Mumbai, Hyderabad and Delhi so that he could travel there.

He belongs to a small village near Munger Bihar. He studied in Government school from class 1st to 12th he was very intelligent in school because his father is a teacher and his mother is a housewife. He shifted to Kota preparing for IIT (Indian Institute Of Technology) India’s toughest Engineering Entrance Exam. He left the preparations for IIT in the middle. Scrolling down YouTube one day he watched a video on YouTube in 2018 titled How to Travel the World Without Money. He inspired by that video and decided to become extreme traveller.

That video stuck in his mind and one day he took the decision that he would travel the entire world through hitchhiking. His first trip was Ladakh in 2018 and after that Ladakh trip, his passion for travel become greater. After this, He became very fiery about traveling and watched hundred’s of videos on YouTube related to travelling and hitchhiking . And then he decided to travell full time left his studies and started a YouTube Travelling channel called Nomad Shubham and started as a Travelling Youtuber

He manages to visited 40+ countries (including 2 continents) in short span of 2 years and has traveled more than 100000 kilometers. This figure is from 2018 to 2021.He also visited one of the coldest place in the world which is Oymyakon (-72 degree celsius). This place exist in the eastern part of Russia. He was the fourth Indian to visit this place.

Starting of his Journey, Nomad Shubham planned to hitchhike from India to South Africa through land but when one day he saw a documentary of the world’s coldest place- Oymyakon in Sakha Republic of Russia, his adventurous soul motivated him to travel 20,000+ km back to reach that unique destination from Uzbekistan he even dropped his Turkmenistan visa to visit this place.

He has also set a world record for the longest travel by land through hitchhiking & public transport. He has traveled about 30000+ kilometers by land. The special thing about this unique World Record is that Shubham did not think to make it. He simply followed his passion for travel and made a world record.

He Enrolled himself in distance school, He take his online clasee, sometimes he does a part time job and works through the some website for his side income. Once he had told in his video that traveling requires a lot of money and passion to explore.He says that if a person takes a trip, they to spend around one lakh Indian rupees to two lakh Indian rupees but I spend ₹ 100000 for 10 months. He has also set a daily budget of ₹ 400 rupees.

Nomad Shubham is currently in Ethiopia exploring African Countries his next stop is probably South America where he will start his journey from Ecuador or Colombia. Few days ago, the honorable President of India “Ramnath Kovind” praises NomadShubham for his way of exploring the world and sharing his journey with his travelling youtube channel.

Shubham has more than 1.3 million subscribers on his travelling YouTube channel and he is also active on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. He manages to fund his travelling from YouTube money, reviewing hotels on different online portals and by doing odd part-time jobs. remembering his experience Shubham Once stayed in Kyrgyzstan after emptying his bank account and work there for 2 months and saved enough money to manage his next trip.

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