I really did not know if I should write this article and reveal to the world just how broken youtube is but then again I have told multiple youtube staff members well over a year ago that this overpowered algorithm bug or Youtube Glitch still existed and well it’s only gotten worse.

So I’m afraid youtube has actually forced my hand on this one and I have to reveal to the world just how broken this feature is because at the end of the day if I don’t end up revealing it sooner or later the entire platform is going to be flooded with a whole bunch of pop and corporate youtube channels abusing this feature to their heart’s content and no one really being able to stop them.

But just how broken is this exploit I hear you ask well if I was to use this exploit I could theoretically gain more views and interactions than you guys have ever managed previously now, of course, I’m sorry about the classically clickbaity title that this article probably has.

But this is actually broken and needs to be shown to as many people as possible so here we are because if I can force youtube’s hand because everyone starts abusing it then guess what youtube is forced to fix it and that way everything is good and balance is restored to the algorithm.

What This YouTube Glitch Is All About?

YouTube Glitch

So what is this exploit that basically turns youtube into easy mode well when you think of channels breaking youtube it’s easy to think of a few stereotypes of viral success the classic 17-year-old Minecraft player makeup channels having drama with each other and my personal favourite dystopian mega-company mass-producing videos for children at a rate that demolishes all other content creators seriously.

If you haven’t heard of coco melon say hello to the channel that will now overtake pewdiepie in the next few days.

This channel gains over three billion views a month in comparison pewdiepie has less than a percent of that each month in terms of views now of course these are old exploits when it comes to youtube they’re tricky to pull off not everyone is a 17-year-old Minecraft player and not everyone has access to 14000 SEO analysts to pull off something like coco melon you’d need a huge amount of market research and trend analysis to actually properly break the algorithm for this glitch.

YouTuber Dream

However we’re going to be accidentally having a similar impact by using nothing more than my bare hands and about four minutes of work so without further ado ladies and gentlemen the most overpowered youtube feature is the youtube community posts and stories.

That’s right it’s those little youtube features that got added a few years ago after youtube decided to create its own legal and copyright free distinct versions of the basic features of Snapchat and Twitter well I’m afraid in fact these new features are completely and utterly broken

Now when it comes to content creators who actually abuse the community posts well guess what allow me to present to you none other than the dream that’s right one of the brand new largest channels on youtube he exploded across the entire year of 2020.

Where he went from over the span of just two years less than a hundred thousand subscribers to now well over 16 million how did he do this well not only did he make a whole bunch of very algorithmically optimized Minecraft content.

He also used the community tabs as much as possible dream averages around about one to two community posts a month and his community posts are garnering millions and millions of views each dream is then using this algorithmic dominance in the community tab section to push his videos even harder in recommendations.

But just how on earth does it work and how can you abuse this feature to become exactly like dream.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got an algorithm to exploit to show off now it is going to take a little bit of wordy mathematics but trust me they’re all very simple and they are necessary to understand just how broken this exploit is.

So let’s throw ourselves into it now what are youtube community posts well if you’re on pc or you’re on mobile and you only follow a few select creators then there’s a small chance that you’ve actually never run into one of these bad boys.

However, if you’re on mobile and you’ve accidentally clicked on one single k-pop music video then enjoy the fiery monstrosity of spam that has now been sent your way community posts are a feature that youtube added way back in 2019.

Kpop Idol fan Youtube Channels

They’re honestly a great addition to the platform it was intended for a new way for creators to send out announcements or do q as on their channel without creating tiny announcement videos which ruin their own channel’s average video statistics.

Now, of course, any channel with more than 1000 subscribers has access to this feature and so naturally basically everyone on the internet tried them, and generally speaking, they didn’t perform well at all so the feature is almost completely naturally abandoned by all content creators on the platform.

The reason they didn’t perform well is that well they’re a brand new feature no one knew how to use their audiences didn’t know how to interact with them and more importantly because everyone tried to do them at the exact same time they were massively oversaturated in the algorithm so everyone abandoned them.

Now picture this you are youtube you just made this exciting brand new feature and none of your creators are using it because guess what it doesn’t perform well and it’s clunky to use are you going to scrap the feature and try again or make improvements to it.

While subtly boosting its promotion on the back end and so began the death snowball of chaos where every few minor updates to the community feature saw it gain a minor boost in the algorithm this of course still didn’t make the future popular with creators.

Because everyone had a bad memory of the community tab when they were first introduced and so they never returned to give them another try.

But of course with no one actually using the community posts and youtube repeatedly boosting it in the back end YouTuber just created the perfect storm that launches these posts into the stratosphere of the algorithm my goodness.

Now of course before I go any further I would like to thank my very lovely contacts and a non-disclosed k-pop record label for helping me see just how broken this feature is so thank you very much for your help you majestic tea-drinking buggers also I do want to disclose that this feature is fantastic and alongside the new channel membership features that youtube has been adding they’ve honestly been doing some great things for content creators so thank you very much.

Plus they also handle copyright claims better than twitch so it’s now also the best place to live stream I know that is a very heretical thing just how broken is this feature.

Well as I mentioned because no one actually uses it and it gets preferential treatment in the algorithm you’ve ended up with an accidental goldmine where community posts receive more views than videos now you would expect a community post to only be shown to the community of a channel right the people who watch and are majestic enough to subscribe to my channel.

For example, should be the only people to receive my posts however that’s not how the system works oh god that’s not how the system works these posts are shown to people who have just seen your videos for example but then they’re also shown to people who watch games or topics that you make videos on like.

For example if I make a Skyrim video then if you watch other Skyrim videos you’ll probably be shown my community post but then something went wrong because they’re also shown to people who just have never heard of you or anything you do oh dear god that is not how the system should work oh no.

Now this couldn’t possibly be exploited for profit now could it youtube there’s no way anyone would do that no we’re all too kind and generous no one would exploit the algorithm youtube but the thing is, of course, I’m an exploiter.

I don’t just want this post to be viewed by the same amount of people who watch a video because I know that these community posts can reach audiences that my videos never can so how do we guarantee that more people see this community post.

Well, when it comes to videos actually being pushed in the algorithm youtube uses four general metrics to decide who should see what video the title of the video the description of the video the tags in the video, and finally the actual video game or topic that the video is covering that way.

The algorithm can ensure that the right person sees the right video and generally speaking the algorithm does a decent job of it but the issue is community posts don’t have titles they also don’t have tags and they also don’t have designated topics.

So how on earth does youtube decide who to show the community post to well it judges this entire metric based on the key terms that are inside the community post itself meaning if I don’t know a random British person who has a relatively decent audience and drinks a copious amount of tea would happen upon a giant list of the most popular search terms of the last week or two and then he was to put those search terms in the community post oh no and that meant youtube would just recommend the post to absolutely everyone on youtube.

But wait that’s not all because guess what youtube also included a way to double the traction of community posts that’s right those lovely boffins over at Microsoft did a whole bunch of testing in their community post tab and discovered if the owner of the account that did the community post.

i.e yourself were to leave a comment on your own community post then bam that post immediately receives double the traction that it normally would why enough is this a feature.

I have no idea how I have exploited this feature before that’s right one of my Youtube friend in the past two years used a community poll to gain thousands of subscribers by simply having it appear in the recommendations of people to remind them to subscribe to him this was when I first started to notice the community posts were completely broken as at the time ten percent of the people who actually voted in the poll had never heard of my friend’s channel before.

Now at the time two years ago my friend’s channel had only a hundred thousand subscribers and this post gained twenty-seven thousand votes seventy percent of these votes came from his subscribers who knew his channel this makes sense meaning however that 8100 votes from this poll were people who really shouldn’t have seen the post.

Now of course if we take the average engagement rate of youtube which is the metric determining how many people actually interact with a video or a poll and the rate that youtube discloses is an average of four percent now of course that metric is exceedingly high and the real number is probably much lower than that.

One in 20 people do not interact with a community post it is probably closer to one or two percent of people interact with a community post but I don’t want to sensationalize the statistics at all so we’ll be using the higher end of measurements so if only four percent of people engage with the post then that means a total of 200000 people saw this post without ever seeing my content before.

now for a channel with only 100,000 subscribers, it’s pretty insane to know that 200 000 people who aren’t subscribed to you are able to see one of your community posts especially when you consider that anyone who interacted with the poll is more likely to get recommended my videos in the future and this effect was exactly what happened on my friend’s channel.

the effects of the poll were pretty much instantaneous for his channel he gained 8000 subscribers in one single day and all his future videos had a massively increased viewership now this snowball, of course, continued into 1.8 million subscribers.

Remember this was two years ago with a tiny channel that had 100000 subscribers but what would happen now if a channel had 1.8 million subscribers and did that exact same post well there was only one way to find out.

So I did two community posts on my friends YouTube channel just to test how broken this feature was the first post was just a standard picture post containing a picture of my absolutely gorgeous corgi and some text alongside a metric ton of popular youtube search terms.

This post over a 24 hour period managed to gain 81 000 likes and over 2 million views 2 million views in 24 hours is more than double what any of his videos have ever achieved.

He had only one video gained 1 million views over a 24 hour period and that is it the fact that a community post is able to beat that is not only unfair it is just insane

Now after five days that post has managed to achieve 130000 likes and if we assume that four percent of the people that viewed the post actually liked it then we can estimate that the post has been viewed 3.2 million times that is over three times the average amount of views that he get on a video.

So if we were to take a more realistic percentage of between two and three percent then there’s a real chance that that post has actually been seen by 6.5 million people this is more than his best video has ever managed and it’s on a community post which has just been spammed by a whole bunch of copy pasted lists of top search terms and then the comments section of that community post is just his audience spamming even more insane search terms.

But if you think this is overpowered well you haven’t seen anything yet that post was like a refreshing cup of yorkshire tea red label this next to exploit post is like yorkshire tea gold being pumped directly into your mind.

I need to explain to you just a few ways the basic algorithm on youtube works so at the moment beyond videos titles descriptions and tags on youtube.

Youtube generally promotes content based off of audience interaction if the audience likes the video and comments on the video well those are two interactions and youtube loves interactions but what youtube really loves are not 1 000 people liking a video and 1000 people commenting on it.

But if the exact same 1000 people both liked and commented on the video that multiple interaction really is what matters it’s a sign that the video was so impressive that audiences wanted to engage with it as much as possible you can even try this out at home by liking this video and commenting on it.

So I guess you really enjoyed reading this article, next week I am going to post more about Youtube glitches so stay connected and tell me in the comments which YouTuber you want me to write about.

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