At first glance TommyInnit might just seem like a typical teenager but what if I told you he’s actually one of the smartest creators on youtube Thomas Simons or as you might know him Tommy in it has gone from being an unknown Minecraft YouTuber to having well over 7 million subscribers in just one year a lot of people would look at growth like this and think it was just a fluke but when you start to dig a little deeper it becomes clear that this guy had a master plan to take over youtube I mean just listen to him talk this isn’t a kid who stumbled on youtube success by accident.

I want to find out how you get green up arrows and how you get these videos they’re getting 10 million views so what does a 16-year-old know about growing on youtube that the rest of us don’t well in this article, we’ll break down the truth behind Tommyinnit and its rise to the top of youtube there’s more to this than meets the eye by looking at TommyInnite’s numbers something pretty insane is revealed he ground for two years straight without seeing any real growth after all he was just another kid making Minecraft videos in his bedroom.


But in July of last year TommyInnit completely blew up this was around the time he got involved with the dream SMP a Minecraft server started by this guy giving Tommy the opportunity to collaborate with some of the biggest Gaming Channels on YouTube this could seem like a simple explanation for his growth.

I can already hear people saying well that TommyInnit just has famous friends but there have been over 30 other gamers in the dream SMP and none of them have experienced growth like Tommy only dream himself is growing at a similar rate so what is he doing differently if you were to ask TommyInnit himself he would probably give you a simple answer like this, what the people who you want to be like are doing I think why are they doing that and then and then do it you know but after I watched and analyzed all of his videos a few interesting patterns began to emerge here are the three main factors behind Tommy’s exponential growth.

Let’s figure this out so a lot of you might be wondering how did TommyInnite get the opportunity to collaborate with a dream in the first place dream is a nice guy but he doesn’t just make videos with anyone back when they made their first video together Tommy had just under 200 000 subscribers sure he was already seeing some decent growth but it was nothing compared to what was just about to happen I think even back then dream realized this guy was going to blow up he noticed Tommy had a very unique attribute that would set him apart and no it’s not his English accent.

3 Important Factors of TommyInnit

Its factor number one TommyInnit has mastered youtube storytelling so at this stage we all know keeping people on your video is very important for the youtube algorithm and so much of this comes down to using good storytelling techniques there are three questions that every YouTuber should ask themselves about their videos is this an interesting idea is the video both entertaining and engaging and is it easy to follow this might seem overly simple but for effective storytelling, you need all three, for example, you could make an entertaining video on a great idea but if people can’t follow along and they get confused they’ll just leave youtube in many ways is about making it as easy as possible for the viewer to keep watching your video.

TommyInnit uses some interesting tactics with his editing to make sure he does this with every upload when you’re 16 you have to go to college 16 to 18 you have to go to a college and recently about two months ago I started college the other thing that I am is a Minecraft player whether or not you’re a YouTuber or not being a Minecraft player is never the coolest thing now today I’m going to be telling you about how after only two weeks my entire college found out that I am a Minecraft YouTuber the first thing you’ll notice is TommyInnite is terrified of leaving in any static footage every one to three seconds he’s introducing a new element or changing the position to add movement this instantly hooks you into the video.

If you look away you’ll miss something but he does this while still making it easy to follow if you watch it back he actually gave us a lot of context without ever feeling boring he told us he was 16 he was in college and he was a minecraft youtuber this makes his content optimised for new viewers it could be the first video from him you ever watch and you won’t feel lost my intention was to keep the channel quiet because one thing you don’t want your first impression to be to a load of new people is hey i’m a minecraft youtuber something else you might notice is tommy’s heavy use of text and there’s actually a psychological reason for this reading is an active activity whereas listening and watching is passive this basically means that by having text on screen at all times tommy is asking for more of your focus you’re watching listening and reading at the same time in terms of keeping people entertained tommyInnit has a formula if you watch any of his minecraft videos they’re edited so that there’s a funny moment at least every one to two minutes all the space in between builds up momentum for the joke and when it happens it’s giving the viewer exactly what they came for.

however, while TommyInnit’s editing and storytelling means he’s getting great retention this doesn’t explain how his videos are getting picked up in the first place which takes us on

Factor number two TommyInnit is hacking youtube’s recommended system a lot of people still think youtube search is how new people get discovered but for big growth, it’s really all about getting recommended this is when youtube placed your video as suggested beside someone else’s or on the youtube homepage known as browse all of my videos that have gone viral have done so by getting over 90 traffic from these two sources so how does a video get picked up in the recommended system well youtube primarily look at the data points from the video’s performance but your titles and descriptions can help you to categorize your video and recommend it to the right person if we first look at Tommy’s titles you’ll notice some obvious things he uses the keyword Minecraft in pretty much every single gameplay video

The ones where he doesn’t he uses a big Youtuber’s name like dream or Techno blade instead these are high-interest keywords by associating his videos with them it’s telling youtube that this is a video on a topic that will appeal to a lot of people but his descriptions are where he does something a little more intriguing in the first line he’ll always repeat the title with different wording and name drop anyone featured in the video however it’s actually when you scroll down that we discover something curious in every description he includes two blocks of text and when you read them they don’t actually make much sense.

He’s basically writing sentences using only high-interest keywords for example including the words but lava rises might give this video a better chance of being suggested next to an upload like this by shoving as many high-interest keywords into his title and description as possible Tommy’s trying to increase the chances it gets recommended to more people it’s almost like a sign to youtube that this video is going to be relevant to a larger audience you’ll notice a lot of other people in the dream SMP also do this, in theory, this could be creating a recommended loop of their content making good videos is always the number one priority but perhaps this is a bit of algorithm magic sauce placed on top nice but there’s still a piece missing something that only the very top YouTubers understand.

Factor number three TommyInnit is a branding genius if you look at Tommy’s channel page the first thing you’ll probably notice is all the thumbnails look exactly the same he has the same expression and even wears the same t-shirts now this might confuse some people but it comes down to Tommy understanding the power of his brand branding in business is usually done with a logo but on youtube, it’s done with thumbnails using a similar style for each video builds a level of familiarity with his viewers now when he uploads there’s zero decision making time his audience sees and clicks right away another thing that helps build his brand is his relatability if you think about his ideal target audience it’s probably someone around his age the unique thing about Tommy is most people his age would have no idea how to grow a youtube channel.



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