This article is about Top 10 Richest Female YouTubers so I’ve tried to put these in order as best as I can but there’s a lot of things to take into account like book deals and sponsorships and because many people don’t tend to flash their paychecks online.

We kind of have to take its educated guess about which order they go in and then there’s CPM levels which dictate how much advertisers pay YouTubers and those figures vary wildly which is why the range of these estimated earnings could be absolutely huge but one thing is for sure and that’s the fact that these people are insanely rich from being YouTubers.

List of Top 10 Richest Female YouTubers

Number 10 which is Bethany Mota

Bethany is a blogger who joined YouTube in 2009, and in her own words, she makes videos about hair makeup, fashion DIY projects. Basically, anything that I love my morning routine videos is some of her most-watched, where she shows her fans how she gets ready for a day in several different seasons.

Her morning routine that’s a lot more interesting, which mainly revolves around coffee and grunting. The 20-year-old Californian girl is sitting at 9.8 million subscribers right now. Her estimated earnings are between twenty-nine and four hundred and seventy thousand dollars a year.

Number 9 Michelle Phan.

Michelle Phan is an American makeup demonstrator, and her child shows people how to turn themselves it’s pretty much anything they want from Lady Gaga to Disney Princesses and my personal favorite a zombie Barbie this July, she will have been on YouTube for ten years which have seen her gain eight point three million subscribers

She even has her own book that came out in 2014 called to make up your life guide to beauty style and success online and off I might actually buy that per estimated yearly earnings sit between 52 and 836 thousand dollars from YouTube alone.

Number 8 Jenna Marbles

Now we’ve got someone who started the YouTube game a little bit later than a lot of people on this list, but they’ve become just as successful. It’s Jenna Marbles, she’s a 29-year-old American YouTuber best known for her comedy videos under the name Jenna Marbles

She’s gained a huge following since starting her channel in 2010 with videos ranging from rants about things boys don’t understand – comedy makeup tutorials like how to trick people into thinking you’re good-looking.

She has an astonishing 15 million subscribers on her channel, which pause in an estimated 77,000 to 1.2 million dollars a year, and all this despite some pretty controversial videos over the year, which have only really helped her become a youtube household name.

Number 7 Zoella

We got the incredibly successful Zoella Zoe Elizabeth so better known by her channel name Zoella is a British fashion and beauty blogger who has a mind-boggling 10 million subscribers.

Unlike most people on this list, she made her first online presence with a beauty blog before making a move to YouTube. In the nine years since then, she has taken the world by storm with two book releases, TV appearances, and even winning an award at the 2015 Teen Choice Awards.

This has gained her a lot of Fame and a lot of money along the way and aside from all of these her YouTube channel has made her an estimated 90 mm to one and a half million dollars every single year crazy stuff.

Number 6 Lindsey Stirling

We’ve got Lindsey Stirling is now quite an international superstar, but her career as a violinist dancer and performance artist extraordinaire really started to take off when she created her YouTube channel in 2007.

Her original violin pieces and covers mixed with dancing have led her to dizzying heights of success, including the seventh most-watched YouTube video of 2012, a collaboration with John Legend in 2013, and a YouTube Music Award that came the same year her YouTube channel makes an estimated 130,000 for 2.1 million dollars a year I kind of wish I’d never given up the violin as a kid now.

Number 5 Superwoman

Someone who seems to just be getting bigger and bigger every single second that goes by is Lily sing otherwise known by her child name superwoman this 27 years old Canadian started her channel in 2010 with music videos, comedy skits, and blogs often making references to her Indian background.

Then she’s a mass 7.8 million subscribers, and over a billion views across her videos just recently she premiered her own documentary on YouTube read called a trip to unicorn Island and just the title alone makes me want to watch it the superwoman is also super-rich with estimated yearly earnings of between a hundred and seventy-eight thousand and 2.9 million dollars.

Number 4 Rosanna pansino

Rosanna pansino is an American YouTube personality with over 5.5 million subscribers. She’s mainly famous for her cookie video such as nerdy nummies where she teaches people how to make all kinds of things from gaming and pop culture and turn them into sweet treats like cakes.

These videos that help her pull in an estimated 220,000 to 3.7 million dollars a year her most popular once a day is how to make a frozen princess cake and that video is currently sitting at an astonishing 105 point three million views.

Number 3 Miranda sings / Colleen Evans.

Now and we’ve got Miranda sings / Colleen Evans. The reason for the slash is because they’re the same person Miranda sings is a fictional character who is famously terrible at singing and laughably unaware of it, and this goofy clown is played by Colleen Evans, who actually is a good singer.

She’s kind of the complete opposite of Miranda on her channel psycho soprano she blogs make comedy skits and sings including duets with her alter-ego Miranda between her main channel she makes an estimated two hundred fifty-eight thousand to 4.1 million dollars a year so if you guys wanna become huge YouTubers that make a lot of money just develop a split personality disorder.

Number 2 RCL Beauty

We’ve got RCL Beauty her real name is Rachel Levin, and she posts beauty fashion and style videos. She joined YouTube in 2010 but really blew up in January 2014; with her subscriber count growing rapidly.

she’s now sitting at 6.6 million subscribers thanks to her videos about school life and differences between guys and girls that millions of her fans can relate to. All this has led to her making an estimated three hundred twenty thousand to five-point 1 million dollars a year.

In an interview. She once said she had a bad idea for a video which was how to curl your hair with a tampon which I actually think might have gone viral.

Number 1 Diane DeJesus.

We’ve got someone who’s actually as mysterious as she is rich. She’s not a beauty blogger, a comedian, or a YouTube personality. She’s a Disney collector in Brazil.

This channel earns an estimated one point four to twenty-one point eight million dollars a year, or the whole channel is dedicated to the opening of and playing with all kinds of toys imaginable all you ever see is her hands opening the packaging, and all you ever hear is her voice commentating on the toys.

She covers Disney toys play-doh dolls and kinder eggs to name, but a few this simple formula has made it one of the biggest YouTube channels on the planet she doesn’t show her face, and she doesn’t do interviews she just plays with toys and makes a mental amount of money.

Last year the Daily Mail newspaper said they had figured out it was actually a Brazilian ex-porn star now living in Orlando, but Disney toy collector has neither confirmed nor denied this, so maybe we’ll never know.



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