Since men and women generally have very different goals when it comes to Fitness, while some of these channels do cater to both genders, Here is our list of Top 5 Fitness YouTubers for Men be sure to check out our upcoming article on the top 5 women’s Fitness YouTube channels.

Today’s picks are based chiefly on subscriber numbers and factored in views, votes from our user’s personal preferences, and general impact on the YouTube community.

List Of Top 5 Fitness YouTubers for Men ?

Number five AthleanX

YouTube workout channels

The creator of the Athleanx system Jeff Cavaliere, while the official athleanx system is something you have to pay for rest, assured that there’s plenty to work with on this YouTube channel. Jeff has worked for the New York Mets as an assistant strength coach and a physical therapist, and those credentials really shine through in these videos.

Those of you that are concerned with proper technique or just need a bit more Theory behind your workouts. He’s got a playlist conspicuously named how to get six-pack abs that have completely devoted to this topic with 28 videos in it. It was just crazy seeing my abs come out in the first, you know, few weeks of doing the program. It was just like wow. Athlean X is really One Of the best YouTube workout channels

Number four Scott Herman

YouTube workout channels
Scott Herman

We have the leader of the combination, Scott Herman, and his channel; it’s got Herman Fitness. His routine was designed to do what he says to give you a bigger and fuller chest while also increasing your strength. One thing that YouTube channels and personal Fitness have in common is that consistency and routine are very important for success.

Scott Herman seems to know this very well since he updates his channel on a weekly schedule, new routines on Tuesdays, new exercises on Saturdays, and channel updates on Sundays. Now what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna rest about 60 to 90 seconds and complete two more sets of that superset.

One thing you’ll quickly notice about Scott’s videos is that the very long, specifically his full workout YouTube videos what this allows him to do is include a lot of informative voiceovers while the workout is taking place, letting him point out key aspects and important tips that he normally wouldn’t be able to say mid benchpress.

Number three Ct Fletcher

Ct fletcher
YouTube workout channels

Ct fletcher channel is one that forgoes technique and tutorials in favor of pure motivation. Have you had someone command you to grow today? If everyone had someone like CT motivating them when they were in the gym, we’d all be swoll as part of my language is just I’ve watched a lot of his videos recently, too obviously, these are the sort of videos that get you into the right mentality for working out other guys will show you what to do, and that’s great, but CT gets you into beast mode.

Number two Twin muscle workout

YouTube workout channels
Twin muscle workout

Keith and Kevin, who host this channel, the Hodge twins are, you know, twins as I’m sure you can see you wanna build some muscle, yeah it’s good it’s really good while the twins offer tons of stuff that you’ll find on other channels, you know workout guides and such what they’re posting mostly sort of like a vlog slash talk show about working out here in the brothers answer questions from their fans always related to training.

Even if they do go off-topic sometimes and banter back and forth with each other as they attempt to explain and answer the questions that are a complicated this is a great channel for those of you that want to discuss and talk about your workouts more sort of like talk radio but for training only better

Number one Six Pack Shortcuts

Six Pack Shortcuts
YouTube workout channels

we’ve already mentioned everyone has certain goals when they’re working out nowhere on YouTube is goal oriented exercise more embodied than in Six Pack Shortcuts can you guess what kind of shortcuts like Mike Chang helps you with what’s up guys is Mike this video we’ll be talking about meal timing how often should you eat in order to get a six-pack and you don’t burn more belly fat while his about page does read a bit like an infomercial the part about how his channel offers you free home workouts bodybuilding workouts and specific ad workouts is all true Mike doesn’t just have the most subscribed channel on our list because of his catchy name he’s got a heavy amount of videos to really keep you busy being going up on top of all this Mike also does discussions mostly shirtless about certain diet issues and workout issues he’s come across mike’s energetic friendly hosting is definitely another reason why he’s got such a colossal subscriber base and why he’s managed to top this list doesn’t matter if you do thirty reps in 30 seconds or if you do six or seven reps in those thirty seconds the only thing that matters is how hard you’re actually working your own muscle.



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