A young passionate three friends(Matt, Thomas, Ammar) met in Canada with the same ambition to change this world and to do something revolutionary decided to Start a YouTube channel named“Yes Theory”

Let’s Know About Life of Yes Theory Founders

Matt, Thomas & Ammar with Will Smith
  1. 1. Ammar Kandil

Ammar was Born and grew up in Egypt, Ammar spends his childhood and teenage in El Sadat City-2 hours outside of Cairo. He was always passionate about knowing people and also very passionate about technology and the interaction between the two. Ammar Kandil ended up chasing an opportunity to work for a non-profit focused on leadership, human resources, and tech development in Cairo, Egypt. He got the opportunity that got nominated by his team to join the next generation of African leaders in Johannesburg which is the largest city in South Africa.

Ammar went on to discuss his ALA journey and how he structured his entrepreneurial jr ourney. His intensity for people and the convergence between storytelling and social media enlarged ALA into understanding how to change the chronicle to make the public realize that a new reality can also exist for themselves and as a collective through him experiencing the revolution of Egypt from Johannesburg, South Africa. He trusted that ALA was the substructure and also the foundation to look for Discomfort.

In his eyes, ALA encompasses the idea of Seeking Discomfort as in leaving one’s home country for a new and hypothetically scrupulous academic atmosphere and having to found new friendships with people coming from different backgrounds. This special environment made Ammar develop deep and long-standing friendships. According to him, ALA was the first real experience Ammar had of what he and his co-founders of this YT Channel have now coined as Seeking Discomfort as part of the Yes Theory movement.

2. Thomas Brag

One of the founders of Yes Theory Thomas Brag, a group of guys who make famous videos on YouTube. But Thomas and more than two hosts of Yes Theory are not at all interested in performing hazardous pranks or dangerous stunts to attract viewers. Instead, they are into creating challenges for themselves that have a purpose.

The motto of the yes theory is “Seek Discomfort.” they go outside their comfort zones and make challenges for themselves to grow stronger and become a better human In each video. And the Yes Theory is also building a community of people who are also trying to do the same as the guys of Yes Theory.

Sometimes they do physical challenges like skydiving. At some times, they conduct social challenges like they ask any stranger if he/she can swim in their pool. In each dare, they use to find that they are more competent and skilled than they thought. They also show that how many of their challenges turn into better than they ever might be expected.

3. Matt Dajer

Matt Dajer is one of the funniest and Talented members of the Yes Theory team, He was born in New York and grew up in Paris, his Father comes from Puerto Rico. He got his bachelors of Arts degree in History from McGill University.

He told his fans in Early February 2021 that he no longer plans to appear in the group’s episodes but continues to work on the brand. He is also currently busy writing the Yes Theory book.

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